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About Hayley

Hayley grew up a small town, farm girl with faith-based roots and a love for design and creativity.  She is married to Brian and has three sons, Keaton, Nash and Trig. Their lives are filled with the best kinds of crazy; sports, livestock shows, school, church events, family and friends.   They’ve learned to cherish the moments together; whether it’s conversation around the kitchen island, playing ball or working with livestock in the barn. The times spent together are always the best memories.

Hayley has always had a passion for design and creating spaces that encourage relationships.  No matter the stage in life or the occasion offering hospitality and serving others has always brought her the most joy.  Inspired by her country roots and love for livestock the venue resembles a barn right in the middle of this small town. Brian and Hayley appreciate the relationships and warmth of small-town living and are passionate about giving back to a community that means so much.  From the moment you step inside the front doors of this venue, we hope you feel welcomed as guests and leave as friends.


Story Behind the Name 

I had been praying quite some time about the concept of opening an event venue in Gridley and searching for a name that would have a solid meaning behind it.   A name that would remind me of why I felt called to share this space and one that would continue to direct my focus. I remember driving through the small village of Gridley struggling with what I was supposed to do and praying for answers, when “Water Tower Town” by country music artist, Scotty McCreery came on the radio.   I’d heard this song a hundred times, but in that moment the words spoke deep into my heart. I could relate to every word. I thought to myself this is Gridley and who I am. This is the small town feel that I never want to lose. These are the people, the priorities, the faith, and the roots that have helped impact me and my family.  The further I drove the deeper the desire to keep this “Water Tower Town” alive. That was a defining moment, one I needed to fuel my passion and pursue what I knew God had been calling me towards…the pursuit of showing hospitality in a small water tower town, Gridley.


“In a water tower town…

Everybody waves

Church doors are the only thing that’s open on Sunday

Word travels fast

The wheels turn slow

Yeah, workin’ hard and living’ right is the only life we know” 


This tune was penned by songwriters

Cole Swindell, Tammi Kidd and Lynn Hutton. 

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